Product Manual

SMART Pet Band 2.0 Manual

SMART Pet Band 2.0 Specifications and manual


How to wear

  1. Turn on the power by pushing the power button forward.

    ※ Please Wait for 5 seconds! the band lights up!

  2. Place LED PET BAND around the neck or body   of the pet with LED screen facing forward..
  3. Fit belt holes in buckle to fit size.


SMART Pet Band 2.0 Power and Charge

Power ON/OFF

  1. The product turns on when you push the power button forward.
    *LED light is on after 5 seconds
    (The light is on and can be paired with cellphone application when the project is switched on)

  2. Push power button forward when you wish to turn off the power.

product configuration

  1. Open the silicon lid on the side of the product.

  2. Connect the Micro USB 5 pin to the charging terminal of the product.

    (Red when is charging, Green when is full charged)

SMART Pet Band 2.0 Warranty and Customer support service


  1. This product is manufactured through strict quality control and inspection process.

  2. The warranty period is one year after purchase of the product. 

    In case of any defect found within warranty period, we offers replacement with the same product but not refundment.

  3. This production is not available for repair but replacement.

    However, However, customer is not eligible for the replacement in case of damage and defect caused by customer’s carelessness.

How to claim for warranty

  1. In the event of any product failure, contact Customer support center  to verify whether the failure is covered by Neopop warranty.
  2. Prepare purchase receipt or your proof of purchase document to verify your product’s warranty status. (Please understand that the customer is not eligible for warranty if the purchase document is not verified. )
  3. Write the details of the failure and customer’s contact information and send the document with the defected production to the customer support center.
  4. Neopop will examine whether the production is eligible for the replacement according to warranty policy. The customer can receive the replaced product within 3 working days and no later than 7 days from its delivery to Neopop warehouse. (However, we will notify you in case of any delay due to lack of stocks.)
  • A/S Center 070-7648-6589
  • Operation hours10:00~18:00(Mon-Fri), except for lunch time (12:00~14:00),Saturday,Sunday and Public Holiday)
  • Neopop Custermor support Center, 107 hwanggeum 1-ro, Yangchon-eup, Gimpo-si, Gyeonggi-do,Korea

SMART Pet Band 2.0 Product Power and Pairing (Bluetooth Connection)

  1. When you push the power button forward, the light is on. Push the button forward again when you wish to power off.
  2. Download "neopop band v2.1" application from either Apps store or Google play as applicable.
  3. Activate “neopop band v2.1” application and Set the Bluetooth on of the cellphone.
  4. Power off and power on again to activate Beacon function.
  5. Activate “neopop band v2.1”App.
  6. Push "Connect" button once you complete the input.
  7. If you wish to change information, power off and on again. (It will automatically goes to sleep mode for efficient battery use)

How to use cellphone application for SMART Pet Band 2.0 (Patter Setting and Text input)

  1. Select one output pattern from four different options ( Sound save, Heart1, Heart2, Heart3, Hear4) which will be displayed on the LED screen.

  2. After selection of the pattern, input

  3. After completion of the input, click the SEND button.
  4. Check if the desired texts are properly shown on the LED screen.

How to use cellphone application for SMART Pet Band( Beacon function).

How to activate

Click SETTINGS on the bottom of the application.

※In case of any bad bluetooth connection, please reboot and try again.

How to use

1. You can check the remaining battery charge.
2.If you activate "Auto Connection" function, you can trace the location of the Pet Band.
3. Beacon Mode active your location tracking and send the information.
4.When the alarm function is activated, your cellphone will alarm when your pet leaves the radius set.

  • Choose radius of the alarm function between 5m and 10m.

SMART Pet Band 2.0 Product preservation and precautions.

Product preservation

  • Wipe the band lightly with wet tissue to remove the hair of your pet and keep it in dry condition.
  • Store in a dry place and keep away from hot, humid and dusty condition.

Safety Precautions

  • Basic waterproof is capable, however exposure water for long time can cause product failure.  
  • Please don't twist the band. It will damage the product.
  • Our product is electronic. Flexing or folding the band will damage the LED. Please keep it in a circular form.
  • Please don't let your pet bite the band. In case of LED breakage
    your pet may get hurt.

Precautions for Battery

  • Contact the manufacturer or dealer immediately,  in case of any visible inflation.
  • Do not approach fire or expose to high temperatures.
  • Please refrain from disassembly, crushing, penetration, etc.
  • Do not cause abnormal shocks, such as dropping from high level place.