• How to input text into Pet band?
    • In the case of Bluetooth version, follow guidelines


      1. Access App store or Google play, and download “NEOPOP” app
      2. Run “NEOPOP” APP, and turn on Bluetooth in your cell
      3. Turn on PET Band
      4. Click “connection” in NEOPOP app
      5. Select NEOPOP-BLE
      6. RFID information, and click “ send” button. If all access has no problem, LED display on PET band will blink
      7. Check the text of LED display on PET Band


      * YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTjKyy8gFWk

  • What is the difference between the Cable version and the Bluetooth version?
    • 1. The Cable version has 4 colors(Blue, Pink, Gold, Silver). The Bluetooth version has 2 colors(Silver, Rosegold).
      2. The Cable version : Customer can not change the texts directly.

      The Bluetooth version : Customer can change the text directly through NEOPOP APP anytime.

  • How to select size?
    • Small size Petband for Neck size under 28cm, Midsize petband for neck size (28~43cm). Generally, small size petband is recommended for less than 5KG weight dog, and Midsize petband for more than 5KG weight dog

  • Skin trouble with pet band
    • Because ingredient of Neopop Petband body consists of Medical silicone, there is bare chance to have skin trouble. Also we have KC electromagnetic wave safety certification

  • Charge and operation time
    • About 20hours operation with 2 hours charge, and about 2 hour charge with 10min charge